Director's Message

Mr. Ashwani Kumar, The accomplished secretary of the Managing Director/ Secretary is the most valuable assest of the Trust as he manages the financial affairs of the institutes with perfect ease. He shows rare maturity & restraint in arriving at decisions involving huge expenses and his judgement of a person is always canny which helps him shoulder his duties very efduties with perfect ease & without tension. His greatest human quality is his zeal to help the meritorious afectively and his actions act like catalysts for others in the administration so the they too perform their nd needy students.

MAHARISHI DAYANAND PRIVATE INDUSTRIAL TRAINING INSTITUTE is committed to student success. Our degree programs offer the quality, real-world education that you need to excel in your career and life. As a MAHARISHI DAYANAND PRIVATE INDUSTRIAL TRAINING INSTITUTE national student you will find a caring, dedicated and talented faculty, a helpful and involved staff and meet fellow students from all India.

MAHARISHI DAYANAND PRIVATE INDUSTRIAL TRAINING INSTITUTE is devoted to serving the special needs of national & international students and helping to create a supportive atmosphere for living and studying.
From the point of acceptance to the completion of studies,MAHARISHI DAYANAND PRIVATE INDUSTRIAL TRAINING INSTITUTE provides a range of support services, comprehensive advising services, immigration advisement (maintaining status, travel and employment eligibility), as well as cultural, social and co-curricular programs.
Information that you need is always available on our website. Counselors are readily available to address academic, immigration or personal concerns and there is no appointment required.
We look forward to serving you!