Seminars & Workshops :

institute to organize Workshops, Seminars, Conference and Social programme on different burning problems of scientific nature. More often than not, these are organized in tandem with organization of academic repute.
The students can draw inspiration by interacting with the intellectuals in these seminars and workshops. Guest lecturers from Universities will be invited to give lectures on different aspects pertaining to their subject for the benefit of students.

Extra-Curricular Activities :

Students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities, organised by the Institute. The Institute organises debates, mock interviews, presentations, group discussions, quizzing, seminars, case studies, news analysis, industrial tours, field trips etc. for its students.
Yoga, Meditation, Cultural events, inter-college fiestas and inspirational & motivational sessions by experts are all organized by the institute for overall development of the mind, body and soul of both staff and students.

Sports :

The institute has enviable infrastructure for games and sports; both outdoor as well as indoor. There is a basketball court, volleyball court, badminton court and facility for hockey, football and cricket. A recreational and relaxing centre is made available to students. Students can unwind over healthy discussions whilst playing snooker as a billiards table is available. Tournaments & adventure sports are also encouraged.